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Hand disinfectant holder
Test strip for ready to use Vinoxide
Test strip for vinoxide residue
Dilution package
Scrasept IG – Disinfectant and hand skin protector
Scrasept – Alcoholic hand disinfectant without color and essence
Scrasept – Alcoholic hand disinfectant with color and essence
Addihelp A1 _ Anti-Corrosion
Addihelp A2 _ Anti-Foam
Addihelp A3 _ Foam creator additive
Addihelp A4 _ Water Hardness Reducer
Addihelp LC _ Lubricant for the conveyors
Sanisept S1 _ Alcohol based disinfectant
Sanisept S3 _ Quaternary ammonium and silver based disinfectant
Sanisept S4 _ Hydrogen Peroxide and silver based disinfectant
Eggneat _ Egg detergent and disinfectant
Detoseptic D5 _ CIP acidic cleaner
Detoseptic D5 _ Surfaces acidic cleaner & descaler
Detoseptic D5 _ High foaming acidic cleaner
Detoseptic D5 _ Sensitive metallic surfaces acidic cleaner
Detoseptic D5 _ Ultra acidic cleaner
Detoseptic D4 _ CIP alkaline cleaner
Detoseptic D4 _ High foaming alkaline cleaner with Low alkalinity
Detoseptic D4 _ None-Metallic surfaces alkaline cleaner