Scrasept IG – Disinfectant and hand skin protector

In addition to disinfecting the hands, this product protects the hands skin like an invisible glove and leaves a pleasant feeling. Microbial power and fast reaction of this product are other good features.

Usage Scope:

Protecting and disinfecting hands in food and dairy factories, animal husbandry, pharmacy and general usage, hospitals and health centers, dentistry.


– No skin allergies

– Provide a protective layer on the skin

– Hand skin softening

– High evaporation from hands

Physio chemical properties:

Appearance: Liquid

Color: No color

Smell: A light alcohol odor with a proper essence

Storage conditions:

-Store the product only in the original container and avoid replacing

-Keep away from heat and heating sources

-Put in a cool place


Packed into 125 ml, 0.5,10 and 20 liter gallon