Organization Identity

In order to constitute a powerful searching and productive zone in domain of conducting chemical projects, PAKROPART was established in 2005 and has become the most enormous producer company for cleaners and disinfectants, due to the number of special and varied products in IRAN.

Our company based on professional experts` knowledge, has brought a new generation of unique specialized cleaners & disinfectants for different industries like Food & Dairy, Livestock and Poultry, Sanitary places, Hospital, Pharmacy, and General usage. In this way, some products were patented and issued by Corporate Register and Industrial Property Management. PAKROPART owns operation license from the ministry of Industries and Mines, and also proving the manufacturing  products from Food and Drug Administration of ministry of Health and Medical Education and Veterinary organization.

The products entitled trade names such as; Detosept, Vinoxide, Sanisept, and Scrusept have been used by various industries and valid companies in protracted years.

PAKROPART, a knowledge based company was established for offering innovations founded on applicable research for resolving health and disinfectants then provide them for Food Industries, Medical, Livestock & Poultry and General use. All together are done with a background goal of dominating overseas markets.

Our customers are served applicable scientific consultations founded on technical knowledge and expert staff`s efforts.

As maintenance, promotion and making profit are our main points, we stick to moral principles of competition and the rules of eco-friendly production.

We claim that besides fulfilling customers needs, we make effort to promote standards of living in our career`s life.


The company activities are all founded on guaranteeing customers profit that’s been complied more than providing distinctive high quality products.

By introducing appropriate solutions and technologic products, we cooperate and support our customers to reach a sustainable development and boosted efficiency.


By employing experienced and professional experts we organize rigorous executive teams and get them participating in our diplomacy that arise their sense of responsibility. We help our employees to progress by providing a suitable situation to conduct their missions meanwhile they are supported by us to achieve comfort and prosperity.


We have set the goal to respect the customers by meeting and nurturing their needs. Also, our business will be stable and become developed by making profit from income. Therefore, customer`s satisfaction should be accomplished. It has become possible by establishing a continuous, valuable mutual interaction between us besides maintaining common interests.

society and environment:

As we respect the rules, we consider the societal and environmental consequences of our activities to prevent from negative effects.

Market and products variety:

In order to response properly to health issues of current and future society and the industries of target markets, we always make effort to present key solutions and applicable programs. In other words, it is being done by producing privileged and proprietary cleaners and disinfectants.

In the near future our marketing and sales unit involves four sections for responding market`s health needs in food, veterinary, medical industries and public consumption market. It in noticeable that for predicting future needs another unit entitled top technologies will be organized.

Kind of attendance and our state in market, for customers and rivals:

 Kind of attendance and our state in market, for customers and rivals:

Being known as a provider of applied solutions and become customers` priority in choosing health products are some of our goals. This is due that we always consider their benefits. Since we have aimed to dominate the market and get stuck to the rivals mind as a powerful, respectful and prominent competitor, in the near future we will develop cleaners and disinfectant products and try to provide more support services.


Activity domain and development:

By the aim of dominating the interior country market to more than 50%, we meet and nurture the customers` needs, specially the top ones, and make efforts to supply them by annual high tech and innovative products. Hence, due to science and technology exchange amid interacting with overseas competitors and conducting research and trade project in partnership and inscribing global patent we set the good to enter the other countries market territory. Obviously, it boots the products and services development continuously by relying on capability of human, financial and technological resources.

 – High quality of products & services

 – Creativity

 – Commitment

 – Competition


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