Detoseptic D5 _ CIP acidic cleaner

Detoseptic D5 is an acidic detergent suitable for descaling and removal of mineral deposits such as milk-stone and limestone, replacing Nitric acid in food and dairy plants. This product can also be used to neutralize alkaline detergent residues in production lines. The acidic Detoseptic detergent plays an important role in removing biofilms and bacterial macro colonies from the surfaces and controls the corrosion on the surfaces by special compounds.

Usage Scope:

Descaling and neutralization of CIP in alkaline detergent residues in food, dairy, pharmaceutical, etc.


No harmful vapors for the respiratory system and maintain the operator safety 

Non-corrosive on stainless steel surfaces and polymeric joints

Effective in hard water

Comfortable rinse from surfaces

Physio chemical properties:

Appearance: Color free liquid

Smell: no odor

Foaming Power: None foaming

Storage conditions:

Prevent from direct sunlight

Keep the bags closed after usage

Prevent D5 from proximity and mixing with other detergents.


Packed into 20-liter gallon