Detoseptic D4 _ High foaming alkaline cleaner with Low alkalinity

This product plays an important role in washing contaminated surfaces by providing high foam and exposures with pllutions. The use of spray jet systems and foam coatings on surfaces play an important role in reducing detergent and water consumption and are suitable for the removing fats of moderately contaminated surfaces.

Usage Scope:

This product can be used to clean contaminated surfaces such as doors, walls, exterior surfaces of equipment using foam makers.


Creating a suitable contact surface, especially on vertical ones.

Easy rinse.

High cleaning power.

Easy to use and economical.

Physio chemical properties:

Appearance: Liquid

Color: White and turbid

Foaming Power: High foaming

Storage conditions:

Prevent from direct sunlight.

Keep the bags closed after usage.

Prevent D4 from proximity and mixing with other detergents.


Packed into 20-liter gallon.