Sanisept S4 _ Hydrogen Peroxide and silver based disinfectant

This product uses the synergistic effect of hydrogen peroxide and silver in order to have more microbicide effects. This product has a wide range of germicide impact with no odors and no harmful vapors to the respiratory system, and also it does not leave any residual hazardous disinfection after operation.

Usage Scope:

It is recommended to use this product in CIP and COP systems, environment and air disinfection.


-No microbial resistance

-No harmful odor or vapors for operators

-No corrosion on stainless steel

Physio chemical properties:

Appearance: Color free liquid

Odor: No harmful odor and vapors

Density: 1.197 g / cm3

Storage conditions:

-Keep in a cool place away from light

-Avoid transmitting the product and changing its packaging

-Close the container tightly after usage


Packed into 5 and 20 liter gallons.