Sanisept S1 _ Alcohol based disinfectant

The ready-to-use solution, Sunisept S1, is a surface alcohol-based disinfectant that after spraying on contaminated surfaces eliminates visual pollutions and removes microbial contaminations. Moreover, the product plays a considerable role when surfaces are sensitive to washing or not easily accessible, and when contamination is high, and time is limited.

Usage Scope:

In order to disinfect small surfaces, desktops and other surfaces that require rapid disinfection this product can be used.


-A wide range of effects on microorganisms

– Synergistic effect with alcohol

-Ready to use

– Permanence microbicide properties

-Quick microbicidal action

Physio chemical properties:
Appearance: Color free liquid
Odor: The smell of alcohol with essential oils

Storage conditions:

-Keep it in a cool place

-Prevent from heat and Exothermic sources

-Keep the bags closed after usage


Packed into 125 milliliter, 0.5, 10 and 20 liter