Scrasept – Alcoholic hand disinfectant without color and essence

A ready-to-use hand sanitizer based on alcoholic compounds that affects a wide range of microorganisms and is bred by synergistic effect of some disinfectants on alcoholic based chemicals. The color and odor free product is considered for very sensitive skin. Scrasept has skin-protecting and moisturizing ingredients that, despite their alcohol content, leaves no drying and adhesion effect on the skin because of its evaporation property. Scrusept is user friendly with durable microbicidal effect.

Usage Scope:

Hand disinfection in food and dairy factories, animal husbandry, pharmaceuticals and general use.

Surgical scrub in hospitals and health centers, dentistry.


– Effective on a wide range of microorganisms

– No skin allergies

– No dry and sticky effects on the skin

– Contains moisturizing and protecting ingredients

– Ready to use

– Rapid in eliminating pollutions

Physio chemical properties:

– Appearance: Liquid

– Color: No color

– Smell: A little odor of alcohol

Storage conditions:

– Keep the product only in the original container (don`t replace)

– Keep away from heat and heat sources

– Store in a cool place


Packed into 125 milliliter and 0.5,10 and 20 liter gallons.