Disinfection Plan for Production Line 

Pro-Fit program has been offered for the first time, in IRAN, by PAKROPART Company. In order to disinfecting ( plus washing ) milk industries production lines, applicable and effective program was drawn up on recent scientific references by our expert staff in fields of Food Science, Chemistry, Chemistry Engineering and Microbiology.

Carrying out the plan in CIP systems is useful, and increasing the quality of dairy products by utilizing economical & proper solutions is its final goal

This will be being supported perpetually by our experienced experts from beginning and through the process. Also, after training manners to accomplish the best performance and standardization methods, you are supported by our teams in periodic visits.

Provided services accompanied with Pro-Fit:

۱ – Scanning dairy processes for various products and correct them if needed.

۲ – Monitoring CIP process in line and improve it in necessity.

۳ – Replacing proper cleaners match within the process free of disadvantages of conventional ones.

۴ – Relocating suitable disinfectants for the process instead of conventional materials and methods.

۵ – Offering efficient instructions and proper training that are key factors to achieve a successful disinfecting process.

۶ – Offering detailed instructions of cleaning manners and methods to ensure that it has been done correctly.

۷ – Validation methods in the performance.

۸ – Review and audit periodically to maintain and improve the program.


Pro-Fit was designed in R & D section of PAKROPART by specialists in dairy field then is presented by sales engineering unit. In order to carry out the program correctly, it is trained to companies and factories. In addition, our R & D and experienced experts are able to support the users. It involves investigating performing the program, teaching obligatory instructions, chemical validation, operators training for products identification and efficiency, safety points in using products and the other related items.