Sanisept VEG _ Fruits and vegetables detergent and disinfectant

It is a detergent and disinfectant to remove contaminations and disinfects fruits and vegetables. This product has no odor, and unlike most disinfectants does not have a detrimental effect on the vegetables structure and gives a good appearance to vegetables and fruits. The use of this product also rises the shelf life of vegetables and fruits throughout storage.

Usage Scope:

This product is used for washing and disinfecting fruits and vegetables in food processing and food packaging plants.


-No odor

-Appropriate foaming for better washing

-Quick disinfection

-Less time consuming rather than other similar products

-No detrimental effect on vegetable fiber and vascular tissue

Physio chemical properties:

Appearance: Liquid

Color: Color free

Solubility: High solubility in water, in any proportion

Density: 1.25 g / cm3

Storage conditions:

Keep the product only in the original container and keep it closed

Keep away from the sun warmth


Packed into 20 liter gallon