Sanisept S5 _ Chlorine based disinfectant

It is a suitable powder disinfectant for reducing contamination in food and dairy plants. Unlike sodium hypochlorite, this product has no corrosive effect on stainless steel surfaces and after dissolution in water does not produce unhelpful chlorine compounds. The proper pH of this product, with using other effective ingredients in the formulation, has created its unique potency.

Usage Scope:

This product is used to disinfect various surfaces such as interior and exterior surfaces of equipment, environment and air.


-High germicidal power

-No conversion to none-useful chlorine compounds throughout disinfection

-High solubility in water

Physio chemical properties:

Appearance: white powder

Odor: Having a chlorine odor

Solubility: High solubility in water at the recommended dosage

Storage conditions:

-Store in a dry place away from direct sunlight

-Avoid contacting and mixing with other detergents and disinfectants

-Keep the bag close after using it and avoid contacting the product with air for long periods


Packed into 12.5 kg bag.