Detoseptic D5 _ Nitrate free acidic cleaner

This product is an environmentally friendly product that does not contain any nitrate compounds. This product has a unique formulation that separates mineral, milk and limestone contaminants in the production lines of the food, dairy and pharmaceutical industries. It is possible to use D5 in both CIP and COP.

Usage Scope:

Acidic washing as CIP and COP in food and dairy factories where the nitrate content in the wastewater treatment system is limited.


Easy surface rinse and reduced water consumption

Environment friendly

No corrosion on metal surfaces.

Odor free

Physio chemical properties:

Appearance: Color free liquid

Smell: no odor

Foaming Power: None foaming

Storage conditions:

Prevent from direct sunlight.

Keep the bags closed after usage.

Prevent D5 from proximity and mixing with other detergents.


Packed into 20-liter gallon.