Detoseptic D3 is an alkaline powdery detergent that is used to clean CIP lines. This is a novel generation of alkaline cleaners and also is a proper alternative for Sodium Hydroxide without conventional defects. This product,D3, has an efficient impact on greasy and proteins and utilizing that is recommended in cold and warm lines, pipe lines tanks and equipments. By means of various cleaning mechanisms, D3 risolves contaminations and prevent surfaces from next precipitations

Usage Scope:

The product can be used in factories of dairy industries and milk related products, beverage industries and all plants where their line cleaning is conducted founded on CIP prosedure.


Empowered to detach organic contaminations

No corrosion on stainless steel surfaces

Effective in hard water

Prevent from further precipitation of contaminants on surfaces

Physio-chemical properties:

Appearance: Powder

Color: White

Foaming power: Controlled foam

storage conditions:

Keep it only in the main packed plastic bags.

Preserve the bags against moisture and heat.

Keep the bags closed after usage.

Prevent D3 from proximity and mixing with other detergents.


Packed into 25 kg plastic bag.