Detoseptic D3 is an alkaline detergent for use in reverse osmosis and Nano-filtration systems. In addition to eliminating all kinds of organic pollutions such as fat and protein, This product removes and cleanes memberane contaminations. Appropriate penetrating power in the pores of the membranes, proper and controlled foaming, no unpleasant effects on the membranes are features of this product.

Usage Scope:

This product can be used for Nano-filtration and reverse osmosis systems in dairy (milk), beverage (water) and all factories that have this type of filtration system.


Effective on organic contaminants such as proteins.

No unpleasant effects on membranes.

Proper penetration power in the fine membrane pores.

Appropriate and controlled foaming.

Physio chemical properties:

Appearance: Powder

Color: White

Foaming Power: Controlled foaming

Storage conditions:

Keep it only in the main packed plastic bags.

Preserve the bags against moisture and heat.

Keep the bags closed after usage.

Prevent D3 from proximity and mixing with other detergents.


Packed into 12.5 kg plastic bag.