Chlorine detergent is used in case highly sticky protein contaminations or excessive burns on surfaces. This product has the ability to dissolve denatured proteins and separates them easily from the surface. The use of this product has an important role in the removal of biofilms in CIP lines and its periodic use is suggested.

Usage Scope:

This product can be used to isolate organic contaminants in CIP systems of production lines in food, dairy and beverage factories periodically, especially when the line contains biofilms.


Having anti-corrosive compounds.

Influential on biofilms.

Efficient in hard water.

Effective on sticky contaminants.

Physio chemical properties:

Appearance: Powder

Color: White

Foaming Power: None foaming

Storage conditions:

Keep it only in the main packed plastic bags.

Preserve the bags against moisture and heat.

Keep the bags closed after usage.

Prevent D3 from proximity and mixing with other detergents.


Packed into 25 kg plastic bag.